Charging Case for the Wireless GO II

Wireless GO II Charge Case

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The Charge Case for Wireless GO II is a convenient solution to securely storing, transporting and recharging your wireless kit on the road or at home. It can fit two transmitters and a receiver and top up all three units with an extra two full charges, giving you up to 21 hours of use. With a durable exterior and an innovative zip-up design, the Charge Case will not only keep your Wireless GO II topped up, it will also ensure it's kept safe and secure whether you’re at home or between shoots.

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Key Features
  • Custom charging case for the Wireless GO II
  • Fits three Wireless GO II units – two transmitters and a receiver
  • Provides an additional two recharges for up to 21 hours of use
  • Rugged protective case with a zip to keep your Wireless GO II kit safe and secure
  • Charging status LED

Top Up and Carry On

once, it also expands your system's runtime up to 21 hours thanks to the two extra recharges its on-board battery provides, ensuring your Wireless GO II system is ready to roll whenever you need it.

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Snug, Safe and Secure

Featuring an innovative zipping design and tough exterior, the Charge Case will keep your Wireless GO II protected from knocks or bumps while on the move. Keep your system safe, secure and protected between jobs, and replenish their battery while you're at it.