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Wireless ME

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Das Wireless ME ist ein ultrakompaktes drahtloses Mikrofonsystem, das die Aufnahme von professionellem Audio für Ihre Videos mühelos macht. Mit innovativen Funktionen wie GainAssist, einem hochwertigen Mikrofon, das sowohl im Sender als auch im Empfänger eingebaut ist, und vollständiger Kompatibilität mit Kameras, Computern und Smartphones ist das Wireless ME der perfekte drahtlose Begleiter für Content-Ersteller.

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Key Features
  • Ultra-compact and easy-to-use wireless microphone system
  • Series IV 2.4 GHz digital transmission for crystal-clear recording with over 100m range
  • High-quality microphones built into both the transmitter and receiver
  • Intelligent GainAssist technology automatically controls audio levels for perfectly clear sound in any application
  • Works seamlessly with cameras, computers, and iPhones or Android smartphones
  • In-built rechargeable lithium-ion battery – up to 7 hours battery life
  • Compatible with RØDE video and audio apps, including RØDE CaptureRØDE Connect and RØDE Reporter
  • Ability to connect an additional transmitter for capturing three microphones simultaneously
  • Up to two transmitters can be paired to the RØDECaster Pro II for wireless recording with the full suite of APHEX® processing
  • All required cables and accessories included – no additional gear needed
  • Designed and made in RØDE’s state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities in Sydney, Australia
Option: Single

Wireless Audio Made Easy

The Wireless ME utilises RØDE’s state-of-the-art Series IV digital transmission to deliver incredibly stable wireless audio at a range of over 100m. Simply connect the receiver to your camera, smartphone or computer, attach the transmitter to you or your talent and hit record to capture pristine audio for your content – hands-free, no wires!

Start Recording Perfect Audio in Seconds

With the Wireless ME, you can be recording perfect audio in seconds. The transmitter and receiver are automatically paired out of the box, and with in-built microphones, convenient clips for attaching to clothing or your camera, and all necessary cables included, you can start creating right away. Plus it features our innovative GainAssist technology that automatically adjusts your volume levels on-the-fly, ensuring you capture perfectly balanced audio every time.

Wireless You and Wireless ME

The Wireless ME is the first ever wireless system to feature microphones built into both the transmitter and receiver, allowing you to capture audio from in front of and behind the camera – ideal for recording everything from two-way interviews to voice overs for video content.

Which is the Best Wireless Mic for You?

Wireless ME

Easy-to-Use Wireless System

Best for creating social media content on smartphone or run-and-gun filmmaking with a DSLR/mirrorless camera

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  • Single transmitter wireless microphone system*
  • Over 100m range
  • GainAssist technology
  • Record from in front of and behind the camera
  • Easy to use

  • *Also available in a Dual Set

    Wireless GO II

    Versatile Wireless System

    Best for content creation with a smartphone or DSLR/mirrorless camera where you need two microphones, more audio customisation options and flexible controls

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  • Dual transmitter wireless microphone system*
  • Up to 200m range
  • On-board recording
  • Flexible output gain controls
  • Safety channel
  • Intuitive display and control interface

  • *Also available in a Single Set

    Wireless PRO

    Ultimate Wireless Recording Kit

    Best for content creation with a smartphone, DSLR/mirrorless camera, or professional camera where you need two microphones, advanced features and powerful customization options

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  • Dual-channel wireless microphone system
  • Up to 260m range
  • 32-bit float on-board recording
  • Timecode sync
  • GainAssist technology
  • Flexible output gain controls
  • Safety Channel
  • Headphones monitoring
  • Intuitive display and control interface
  • Comes with complete accessory kit including lavaliers, charging case and more