Professional Over-Ear Headphones


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The NTH-100M is a professional over-ear headset that combines the exceptional sonic performance of the award-winning NTH-100 headphones with a broadcast-quality headset microphone, perfect for media, broadcast, podcasting, streaming, gaming or working from home or in the office. 

Key Features
  • Professional over-ear headset 
  • Custom-matched drivers deliver an incredibly accurate frequency response and low distortion 
  • Precision-engineered acoustic construction optimised for exceptional detail, clarity and a very natural sound 
  • Broadcast-grade microphone for natural voice reproduction and excellent speech intelligibility in any environment 
  • Microphone is positioned for optimal plosive rejection for crystal-clear voice capture 
  • Alcantara® headband and earcup cushions with revolutionary CoolTech™ gel 
  • Fully adjustable headband with FitLok™ locking system 
  • Easily detach the microphone via its sturdy locking connector to use as professional monitoring headphones 
  • Designed and made using high-grade components in RØDE’s state-of-the-art facilities in Sydney, Australia 
  • NTH-Mic headset microphone also available separately 
  • Lifetime warranty* 

Hear and Be Heard With Incredible Audio

The NTH-100M headset features custom-matched drivers and a precision-engineered acoustic construction optimised for an incredibly accurate frequency response, low distortion and highly detailed sound. This is combined with a broadcast-grade microphone tuned for rich, intelligible and natural voice reproduction with excellent plosive rejection, allowing you to hear and be heard with incredible audio.

Made for Maximum Comfort

Underneath the NTH-100M's luxurious Alcantara® earcup covering is a layer of our revolutionary CoolTech™ gel, which actively absorbs and dissipates heat. The unique ergonomic design of the earcups is also extremely comfortable, even if you wear glasses, and the fully adjustable headband with our innovative FitLok™ locking system ensures they feel exactly the same every time you put them on.

Sleek and Professional Style

With clean lines and high-grade finishes, the NTH-100M looks sleek and professional. The headset microphone is unobtrusive with its low-profile design and won’t cover your face when in use, ensuring you are free from any visual distraction and look your best on camera.

Durable, Reliable, Rugged

Designed to endure the rigours of being worn day in, day out, every component of the NTH-100M is made using high-grade materials in RØDE’s precision facilities in Sydney, Australia. From the incredibly durable Alcantara® cushions and locking cable connectors to the high-strength spring steel headband with its scratch-resistant coating, the NTH-100M is built to last and comes with a lifetime warranty*.

*Lifetime warranty applies to manufacturing defects or faults in the NTH-100 headphones, excluding the NTH-Mic and replaceable parts such as pads and cables.